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For many students the stress that can accompany exams is motivating and even necessary in order to improve exam performance. For others however, high exam stress can have a detrimental impact on exam performance by as much as one grade per subject. 

I developed the Exam Pressure Solutions Programme for my MA research project which I ran with a group of highly exam anxious Year 11 GCSE students. All the students who took part showed significant reductions in exam anxiety on completion of the programme and all went on to achieve or surpass their target GCSE grades.


My research was published by the BACP, the UKs largest professional body for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and I now run this evidenced based, 5 week programme (5x1 hour) in Jersey schools, equipping students with the skills needed to manage exam stress effectively and potentially, to improve their grades.  

The new Building Exam Confidence workshop is also now available. It is an interactive, 2 hour workshop suitable for large groups teaching solution focused strategies for managing exam nerves, developing effective revision skills and increasing exam confidence.


NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR SEPTEMBER 2024! To find out more or book a space on an upcoming course please e-mail:



'The students’ feedback was really positive. They really liked the ideas around what is and isn’t in their sphere of control  - they found this really helpful and insightful. It was a great session and they all appreciated the time to focus on getting prepped for their exams'

Mrs Campbell. PE Teacher and IB Lead, Hautlieu School, March 2024.


‘The workshops were successful in ‘normalising’ exam worries and giving students practical strategies for managing this. It was creative and engaging; a beneficial experience for all’

Miss Devine—JCG Head of Lower School. March 2024.

'Our Year 8 Pupils took part in two Building Exam Confidence workshops in preparation for their exams. They learnt key strategies to help cope with exam nerves and how to get the best out of themselves. They will take these strategies with them that they can use throughout life!'

Mrs Clayton, Assistant Head Teacher - St Michael's School. March 2023.

'This was a great interactive session for students to learn techniques to manage their stress in school but also daily life. The student's found it really helpful to practice a variety of methods enabling them to find ones that suited them. 

Miss Aziz, Lecturer - Highlands College. May 2024.

‘It has significantly helped me to stay more in control over my stress. Very helpful, thank you!'

Y11 Student - JCG, March 2024.

'Very helpful and has allowed me to think positively about my exams’

Y11 Student—Grainville, May 2023.


‘It helped my understanding of exam stress and I will use it in years to come’  

Y8 Student—St Michaels, April 2023.

Building Exam Confidence

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