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Walk and Talk Therapy

''The outdoor counselling is amazing and something I think so many children and adults would benefit from''

Client feedback - August 2023. 

Ecotherapy, or Walk and Talk Therapy, is a form of outdoor therapy which combines talking therapy, physical activity and the proven mental health benefits of spending time in nature. 

Some people may seek Walk and Talk Therapy if they have a love of being in nature and the outdoors, for others it may be difficult to sit still whilst exploring and processing difficult emotions and for others, they may feel more comfortable engaging in therapy outdoors rather than in the confines of the therapy room. 

Walk and Talk Therapy involves the client and therapist meeting at a suitable, previously agreed on location and undertaking a walk at the clients' pace whilst discussing the issues or concerns that the client would most like to focus on. 

Locations for Walk and Talk Therapy are agreed on collaboratively between client and therapist and risk assessed prior to the session taking place to ensure that they are suitable and confidential for the purpose of therapy. 

Walk and Talk Therapy is shown to have a positive impact on reducing feelings of anxiety, improving sleep, reducing stress, reducing symptoms of depression and a whole host of other positive benefits. 

As someone who is passionate about spending time in nature and of the positive mental health benefits that time spent in this environment can bring, I am delighted to have undertaken the 'Ecotherapy: Walk and Talk Therapy' training for qualified therapists, and to be able to offer fully risk assessed and insured sessions to clients outdoors. 

Walk and Talk Therapy sessions are charged at £75 per 50 minute session.

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